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Putting the field of Latin American Organizational Communication on the map

Consuelo Vásquez Département de communication sociale et publique

Consuelo Vásquez, avec Lisssette Marroquin Velasquez (Universidad de Costa Rica) et Griselda Guillen Ojeda (Universidad de Baja California- Mexicali)

Considering the lack of a systematic and contextual revision of the academic knowledge in organizational communication developed in Latin America (LA), and yet a consistent and increased development of the field of organizational communication in this region of the world, this research project aims to present a portrait of this field from a Southern point of view. Following recent attempts to decolonize communication studies, it proposes to develop criteria, tools and heuristics model for data collection and analysis of the field of LA organizational communication that are grounded in the historical, economical and social contexts of this part of the world. Most of the approaches, tools and models in organizational communication have been developed and legitimized in the global North, and more specifically in the United States, imposing a western view of knowledge and knowledge creation that does not take into account the diversity of academic labour contexts, meanings of knowledge and organizational (social) contexts. Moreover, there is a strong critical LA tradition of communication studies that has historically resisted Northen imperialism. The research project aims to continue this line of inquiry by questioning the characteristic of this LA tradition and if its application to the field of organizational communication. In collaboration with colleagues from Colombia, Costa Rica and Mexico, we have started to collect information on this subject. A first exploratory study consisting of the bibliometric analysis of peer-review Latin American journals that publish work in organizational communication during 2010-2014 was conducted. The research project will extend the scope of this first study regarding the period of time (2002-2018) and the corpus of study (peer-review articles, books, book chapters, and conference papers). Moreover, and as mentioned, it will provide a research heuristic and toolbox to conduct research in organizational communication grounded in LA realities.

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